Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The importance of aperitif

Last night, while discussing the menu for our next event and thinking about canapes and welcome drinks, I was reading Aperitif, Recipes for Simple Pleasures in the French Style by Georgeanne Brennan, day-dreaming about making our own vin maison or seasonal homemade wine, for everyday, that you can find in any given region in France. Aaah, the pleasure and ritual of aperitif, both a beverage and a social activity, where family and friends come together to share conversation before the lunch or dinner hour...

Here is a lovely insight about this social institution: "Just as the converstaion and conviviality of the moment are destined to stimulate the mind and spirit, the drink serves to pique the appetite and the taste buds before the meal."

I got a bit nostalgic after that... until I realized that we should (re)establish the importance of aperitif! It is an essential step before any introduction to the table that open your palate, wake-up your sensations, before calling for a meal. Most importantly, it is about social interaction and the first sign of hospitality that says: welcome to our home, our place, we are delighted to have you with us, relax, grab a drink, a nibble and chat away; to take time and enjoy life...

Rituals are my favourite things when it comes to food. I love the idea that everything is there for a reason, a tradition, and we have to honour and celebrate it. Which is why I never talk about binging but indulging, as nothing can be negative if done with care, love and respect. If you want to drink, drink, but well. If you want to eat, eat, but well. Be genuine, insatiable and thirsty!

Next stop: digestives!

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