The underground French House is born out of the deeply entrenched belief that all things civilized and debaucherous find common ground on a dining room table. Here is a little manifesto...

1. With the right people, the right food and the right drink: all the world is beautiful.
2. (From the kitchen) "I think this needs a little more cognac"
3. All you need is love (see n'1)
4. If you can have one more bite, do.
5. If you can't have one more bite, well done!
6. Are you sure you don't want some more?
7. A heavy table trumps a heavy heart (unless it's an Ox heart).
8. The only thing immoral about Foie Gras, is how expensive it is in New Zealand.
9. The only chain we believe in, is the one between us and the stove.
10. There is nothing we really need to do that isn't dangerous (John Cage).
11. Follow your heart, and the duck hearts with Spanish Sherry on duck fat toast.
12. Come over to the dark side: livers, hearts, kidneys and brains will make you happy.
13. The meaning of life? That's easy: eat, drink, fuck, talk, laugh and most importantly, LOVE.