Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Digestives are serious business

I have a long-term affair with digestives, thanks to my grand-mother's "bar". She used to have friends that produced Eaux-de-Vie from their clandestine distillery in Normandy, and every year they will gave her new bottles of prune, pear, strawberry or raspberry alcohols. I will wait patiently to the end of the meal, that she turns to me and says: " would you open the bar and get some digestives on the table?".

Aah, the digestives' time! They were dearly needed, after a huge Sunday lunch, when you have to sit back on your chair and pop your trousers... We had to loosen up and, thanks to all the flavours proposed, we had excuses to have more than one!

Anyway, that's for the little story. My point is, you should never finish a meal without a digestive. It's the only reasonable way to ending a copious meal, that will help you to "digest" (!), yet leave you this comforting feeling that you are full but happy; its warmth protecting you from the cold waiting for you outside, and give you courage to finally stand up and leave the table... knowing that nothing else could be added to the experience.

So pay respect to the table, welcome the digestive at the end of your meal and celebrate life for all its goodness!

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